Thursday, June 25, 2009

So, Ulduar really does drop Leather Resto gear…


/italian accent …Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday

So Wednesdays and Mondays have become my almost-standard raid nights now.  I did Ulduar25 for a month or two on Tuesdays and Thursdays until real life stepped in and strongly suggested I rethink my WoW schedule.  So instead of 25 with the raiding group, I’m doing 10 man with a portion of the raiding group.  We go in on Wednesday nights, have a lot of fun, clear some bosses, try some new things, and finish up what we can on Monday nights.  It’s very casual and a lot of fun.  We are getting in somewhat of a rhythm with each other and even though 2 or 3 faces may change from week to week, there’s a pretty solid core of 7 that run it. 

Last night was no exception.  We assembled and started a little late but nonetheless got underway and knocked off Flame Leviathan, XT (which gave me a Nerf Gravity Bombs achievement) aaaaand my first piece of Leather healy loot from Ulduar!  Vest of the Glowing Crescent and I was the only one who would use it so Yay!  I had won the roll on Spark of Hope several runs back but this was the first Leather Healer gear I had seen drop.  I was beginning to think that only Pally and Shammy gear dropped in Ulduar.  We downed Kologarn and then Iron Council, which I had not been there for but the group had done it a couple weeks back.  I was totally helpful in the kill (which was our 3rd attempt I believe) in that I was rolling Lifeblooms on my dead body for probably 90% of the fight.  Note to self: Overload kills trees.  Well, that’s not right, trees not watching for Overload kills trees.  We finished the night on Razorscale.  Anywho, IC gave me a couple of achievements for the night.  It’s funny because I didn’t even realize I had gotten achievements for it, I was just so happy we killed them!  I didn’t find out until this morning when I logged in and (the first thing I do when I log in) hit Y to bring up my achievements. 

I had a lot of fun throughout the night, raiding, even on wipes.  On XT, I dps’d during two of the heart phases which was fun, and then raid healed the rest of the fight.  I also got to go boomkin for the pulls right before Auriaya.  I reverted my UI back so my bars aren’t fading so switching specs on a moment’s notice didn’t cause quite the anxiety that it did last week.  I was also not MT healing this time around, so my focus was OT, general raid healing and hotting the MT.  I played around with some of the timing, trying to get 3 LB stacks on the MT and then weaving in a couple on the OT, and letting them bloom and return mana to me, and then distributing some rejuvs to the dps taking splash damage.  I always love thowing a regrowth on another healer because a) my regrowths hit for a lot and b) I know the hot will keep them mostly topped off and I can swiftmend it if they run into trouble.  Last night, we had a new to the group healer with us, a shammy.  He did an awesome job and I think the combination of priest-druid-shammy was fantastic.  We all have our strengths and areas where we need someone watching our back and we just sort of meshed last night. 


The Midsummer festival is almost over for me, I have 1 more fire to extinguish in Kalimdor and then I need to redo the horde cities since I did Org and Undercity before the reset.  Redoing these should give me the Thief’s Reward quest, and with that my crown and final Achievement for the Meta.  Flame Warden is not a title I particularly care about, and I doubt seriously that I’ll ever display it.  I just like checking things off : )  Finishing the meta will also give me the opportunity to log back in on my baby druid, Flynch.  I’ve been itching to play her again, much to my surprise.  I don’t really see it as playing an alt, it’s more like a little nostalgia with my main druid hehe.  But I’d like to tack on some levels on her during the festival so I can use the 10% buff to experience gain.  This weekend should be quiet on the home-front, no birthdays to attend, no crazy festivals… I should be able to get to 18 at least, and she’s at 12 now.  I’m walking the fine line between wanting to go crazy on Achievements for her, but so far I’ve been able to just enjoy playing her and focus on Achievements on Sinny. 


  1. grats on the new loot from Ulduar! woot woot! Sorry it took me so long to find my way here from Rolling Hots =) I put you up on the blog roll there this morning.

  2. Thanks and glad you were able to stop by :)