Thursday, June 4, 2009

4 Achievements + 1 Night = Woo!

Yeah, I never do stuff like this but after reading several wow-related blogs and thinking "oh I should just add to the mix", I finally decided to do it. I blame Belghast, long-time friend, raid leader, guild leader, etc., etc. He started up his blog over a month ago and I enjoy reading it and catching up on things in his world. Plus, when in doubt, blame the warrior. I’ve experienced a ton in this game, been semi-hardcore long ago, went casual then part-time raider again. Through it all, I’ve found something new and interesting to keep me playing the game. My current fascination is the Achievement time-sink.

It’s crack, no heroin.. no wait, I mean Achievements

I participate in the “Get that Achievement” game on the WoW forums, and basically you sign up and give someone above you an assignment/achievement to do and then someone gives you one. My current assignment is the Empire of Zul’Drak, which I am at 41/100. It’ll take a bit of time considering my playtime has ratcheted back to about 8 hours per week. Summertime is exceedingly busy for me; I have a toddler and well, ‘nuff said.

I particularly love getting an achievement that I wasn’t expecting. Like last night, I happened to have a bit more playtime than usual and some guildies were doing Ulduar 10. So I joined them and upon checking, I only needed the chopper for my Three Car Garage achievement. Whee! So I hopped on the chopper, which are so fun by the way. As a druid, I jump a lot and out of habit I was jumping in the chopper. Anyway, so I got my achievement as I expected upon downing Flame Leviathan. The next boss we downed was XT-002 Deconstructor and I got Nerf Engineering! Totally unexpected as I hadn’t looked over the achievements I had or needed for that boss. During Kologarn, I was so focused on healing since it’s a fight I haven’t successfully done yet, I didn’t pay attention to the talk on vent about which achievement we were going for. Yay! We got Disarmed! And then Woo! 100 Emblems of Valor! 4 achievements in one night is a pretty good haul for me.

It’s not ADD, it’s just multitasking…

So I’m currently working on reputation for the Kurenai, Timbermaw, Sha’tari Skyguard, and Cenarion Expedition. Part time, of course : ) I get bored if I focus on one rep at a time. I like logging in and having a bunch of things I can do - I just need to see what I’m in the mood for at the time. I do my cooking and fishing dailies, plus those in Shattrah when I get time. Pretty soon I should be getting my chef hat, and I also do the 7 day waiting game for the eggs in Sholazar.

All this gets pushed aside if I get a tell from one of my friends asking me to heal something they have going, assuming I have the playtime. I love having a list of things I can do instead of logging in and sitting there at the screen thinking, hm another dungeon or quest.. what to do. I don’t do many dungeons, honestly. I have quite a few achievements I could pick up in there but I just don’t have the desire to dungeon crawl right now.

So that’s what’s on my plate right now, Empire of Zul’Drak, various older reps, and cooking/fishing. I can’t even begin to think about Loremaster, Seeker, or various Exalted stages just yet…

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