Tuesday, June 30, 2009

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I meant to get a post up yesterday but the day literally slipped away from me.  When I looked up from my desk at work, it was already 2:30 pm and I had a pile of work that would take me well past my 3:30 quitting time.  Today was looking much the same but I put my nose down and worked hard, carving out a half hour to type up what’s been floating around in my head for a few days.

Mini Lan Party!

Saturday night, I did a crazy thing and packed up my husband’s iMac and went to my friends’ place and we had an impromptu mini lan party!  Mike and Cindy are two of my “converts” into the WoW world, and I received my Zhevra mount by referring Mike.  We decided to tackle Maraudon to get them both some gear.  Their priest and hunter, respectively, are 48 and were in desperate need of gear.  We had some problems getting into the instance initially as “additional instances cannot be launched” whenever I try to do anything in the Old World or Outlands.  We fooled around on lowbie druids until trying again, and were finally successful.  Some nice gear dropped for them, and I think there was only one piece of gear that got disenchanted.  There are so many things in this game that I take for granted and hadn’t stopped to think how I learned the things I know in game.  For instance, I said “oh just auto follow me and I can run us there” and they both looked at me with a blank stare.  Auto what?  2ish months in the game and neither had discovered the Follow option on the portrait menu.  I imagine I was just as frustrating to a friend of mine shortly after release when he would try to help me finish quests (I have a problem reading Quest text… I just.. don’t read it).

I laughed as I told them about things had changed in game.  How back when I first got my mount at 40, I was in Stranglethorn Vale and the bridges used to dismount you.  They thought that was hysterical.  And how it would take an hour to mail yourself something.  From your own alt!  I told them about the legendary spamming from Blackrock when their server is down, and told them about some of the major drama that Argent Dawn has seen over the years.  It was fun to catch them up on stuff and it was nice to remember all those quirks in the old game.

I did pick up a few quests and completed them as I waited for them to find their way from Ratchet to Desolace and get their flight paths.  This threw the “planning planning planning” part of my Loremaster Quest out the window.  I have a full quest log, a bunch of quests here and there and I’m scared to abandon anything.  I have a bunch of quest items in my bank, who knows what those are for.  So I’m re-evaluating my approach I think : )  I’m only going to concentrate on Old World quests first.  I’m going to abandon any quest that is Burning Crusade or Wrath and I’ll pick those up later.  I need to look up the quest items that I have and figure out what they are for.  Then I will start tackling zones. 

Aggro Warning

It seems strange, so many funny stories or recollections that I mention are also talked about in Tales of the Aggronaut.  I guess this is because Bel and I are friends IRL, though half a country apart.  It’s also because he is my guild leader, and my raid leader.  He mentioned in a recent post about doing a little spring cleaning of the guild roster, etc., and this affects me because he promoted me to officer, a position I held long ago.  It’s nice to know that he finds me a responsible person and he knows I won’t do anything overtly dumb.  I just do small dumb things like forget to go Tree Form on the Ignis pull.  And on a Hodir pull.  Oops : )  I totally make up for those oopsies by proc’ing 8 extra Flasks for him hehehe.  So, thanks for the nod Bel : )

Anyway, we had a great run last night and finally put the beat down on Hodir!  Everyone did a great job and we managed to pick up the achievement Cheese the Freeze.  This was our 10 man run and we actually filled up quickly and were underway without much wasted time.  We ran into the Hodir wall about 8 or 9 times before it all falling into place.  I can’t wait to do it again!  Well, I can’t wait to win again, or fail at winning a few times and then winning : )  We started trash on Freya but never made it to the actual boss pull as we ran out of time.  We took down Ignis earlier and our new Pally OT is doing a fantastic job.  It’s nice to play with people who know what they are doing, and if they don’t know, they know how to learn.  We had some great communication on vent, aside from Euron bringing up horrible songs which led to a discussion about often misheard lyrics.  I choked on my water a couple times when people were sharing their favorites hehehe.  There was one that was something like “Make love to a calculator” instead of the Love in an Elevator (Aerosmith).  Classic…

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