Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back in the healing groove

What’s this other stance…hmmm Moonkin

When I was leveling from 70 to 80, everyone kept telling me to just go Balance, and that it would be easier. Nahh, I’ll stick with Resto. I always believed, and pretty much still do, that you can’t just level a dps spec and then bam! hit 80 and know how to heal. I need to know what all my stuff does, and I learn that by using it over and over in instances and leveling while questing. So I hit 80, I’m healing Naxx and various instances and questing. Well, trying to quest. Dailies took forever! With the introduction of the dual spec option, my questing life improved 1000%. My healing life, I’m afraid, is suffering. The first time I did my dailies as boomkin, I finished about 20-30 minutes sooner than normal. I almost cried I was so happy! With my limited playtime, I’m almost always in my boomkin spec. Because of this, my reflexes are a bit slower than they normally are when I’m healing more frequently. Cuz really, does it matter if stuff dies in 2 seconds or 3, it’s all pew pew and I’m not trying to top the dps charts when I’m grinding Hodir rep. But the 1 second difference is everything when healing.

Healing is fun, I … Ooo is that something shiny?!

The other night, I appealed with puppy dog eyes to Belghast to tank Old Kingdom for me - it’s one of two kills I still needed for my Champion of the Frozen Wastes title. He rounded up some folks and we were off, to a place I’d never been. Instead of being on my toes like I normally would, I lost focus and trailed off to loot something instead of sticking with my tank. Wipe #1. Bel has ADD when it comes to tanking and as a healer, I know that - I just forgot briefly what I was doing. After all, no one cares if the dps stops to loot something. After a couple close calls and a few deaths o’ dps, sorry guys L , we made it to the Insanity fight. Bleh. The first try, everyone had trouble with the tree, and the tree was being a nub and trying to kill the people attacking me. So, second try - I stood and healed myself. Helpless as I watched my parties’ health bars drop ever so slowly, and on vent listening to their frustrations with killing “the tree”. Third try, and possibly fourth before they were finally able to kill the tree and call it a night, having checked off that part of my achievement requirement. Now, if *I* were that indestructible, that would be awesome! Sometimes in a raid, I feel like I’m made of paper - but honestly in a raid I’m not standing there healing myself the whole time. The next step is the Malygos fight and while it doesn’t matter if I do it on 10 or 25, I have the quest for 25 man so I’d like to get it all done in one shot. Guess I need to make sure I’m not rusty on the dragon flyers.

It’s a mana pool, can I go swimming?

I had the chance to redeem myself (at least, to myself) last night when I healed Ulduar 25 for the XT fight and also a couple Kolgarn attempts. I came in as a backup healer as the raid was shorthanded and was losing another healer due to RL stuff. I found I was managing my mana pool a bit better than I had in the last couple raids, and I still love my Spirit-World Glass trinkie and used it a bit more effectively also. Overall, I was pretty happy with my mana management and look forward to being able to test out a few tweaks to my healing rotation. I think I used Nourish more effectively, and while I always make sure my target has a hot on them to get the real benefit of Nourish, sometimes I get a little Regrowth happy. Maybe it’s the pretty green icon, maybe it’s the placement of my button. I’m a clicker, sue me. I’m actually working on revamping my entire UI and will get some screenies once I’m happy with a more final draft of it. Maybe it’s silly but I tend to get in a rut and if I need to change things, then I need to CHANGE things - like, the placement of all my abilities, like the appearance of my head’s up display, etc. It’s all gotta change for me to make the extra tweaks to my healing rotation. God I’m high maintenance =)

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