Friday, June 26, 2009

Loremaster Ysinnia?


Not quite yet.  But I think I’ve decided to start working on this as my next large project.  I’m going to finish up the Argent Crusader assignment that I got on the Achievement forums and then not ask for another assignment.  This is a huge undertaking because when I leveled this toon in Classic WoW, I didn’t quest very much.  I think I’m something like 160 short on Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor is something like 300 short, I haven’t looked recently.  I just know it’s a number that when my brain sees it, it goes “oh god, so many to go!”.

I’ve been kicking the idea around in my head lately, but it’s not something you just jump into, ya know?  I mean, I HAVE TO MAKE LISTS.  AND PLAN.  Yeah, I’m like that.  So my first order of business, after completing my current assignment, is to make a list of each zone starting with the lowbie/starting zones.  I know I did some of the Human starting area when I was grinding out my Ambassador title, but I think I stopped around the Goldshire area.  Not just because I hit exalted, but because when you hang out near Goldshire too long on Argent Dawn, you have to bathe frequently and you get a rep for “hanging in Goldshire wink wink”. 

So, lists of starting areas and then to to start pulling lists of quests in the zone.  I also have to remember to hit the Easy to Miss thread on the Quest forums.  There are a ton of quests there that I’m sure I missed.  I need to give myself a deadline for completing it and I won’t know a realistic timeline until I see everything laid out on paper.  I do know that I’m going to make a timeline for the entire Achievement, not just Eastern Kingdom or Kalimdor.  There are too many quests that shuffle you between continents, so I want to take it as a natural progression of zones and quests and not try to get hung up on watching one specific continent. 

Such planning!  Who would have thought you could translate your OCD into an Achievement!? : )  Anyway, that’s my summer goal. 

News from the Front

We had a fantastic run last night in Ulduar25.  Life found me with some playtime unexpectedly and I checked with the healing lead to see if I was needed as a backup or anything and they did have a spot.  Their first night in the raid was Tuesday so we were up to Auriaya last night.  It was a bit tricky getting the pull coordinated but once the pull clicked, it just took some old fashioned pinching and pulling to get everyone to fit right.  I even got to dps!  Of course, that was after 4 of the 6 healers were dead, we’d lost our main tank, both off tanks, and about half of the dps.  She was at 1% so I started pew pew wrath wrath cuz I didn’t really have anyone to heal ; )

I did notice one amazing thing during this fight.  I spammed Nourish and all my hots on our MT for the entire fight and only one time did I notice that I was below 50% mana.  One time.  I usually try to hit my Spirit Glass Trinket once kind of early in the fight, once again when we are about halfway and then it’s up for the end when things are getting tight.  I instinctively hit my trinket and then glanced at my mana and I was at 80%.  Hardly any desperate need for a quick regen but I used the opportunity to throw a few hots on myself to alleviate some of the other healers mana. 

We headed on over to Iron Council after that and after a couple false starts and some reassignments, we were able to down them.  I have to say, I much prefer experiencing the fight vertical, as opposed to the 10 man version I did Wednesday night when I was busy healing the floor.  I picked up the heroic Achievement for I Choose You, Stormcaller, also.  So I’m helping rez people and didn’t really look at the loot.  I never do, really.  Now that we get our badges auto-looted, who needs to?  So when the Master Looter linked all the items in Raid, I had to scroll back up to make sure I read it right.  Phaelia’s Vestments of the Sprouting Seed!  I whispered the Master Looter with the !command to find out how much dkp I had, confident that I had more than the other resto druid I breathed a sigh of relief.  I felt slightly guilty because I had picked up a really nice chest the night before in 10 man, but this was THE chest I had been hoping for since stepping foot in Ulduar. 

Flame on!

Before the raid started, I finished up the Flame Warden Meta Achievement after stealing and turning in the Undercity flame.  Apparently I had gotten credit for Silvermoon City but not Undercity during the reset of the quests earlier in the week.  4 more holidays to go before I can check off that section!

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