Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pee Vee Pee, Oh em gee

I checked the forums and my new assignment was up. Capture the Flag. … <makes face> why do I always forget to put the “please no pvp assignments” on my request for assignment? Ughhhhhh. Capture the Flag. WARSONG GULCH UGHHHH. So I queue up, maybe I’ll get lucky? Right. Not so much. I should mention that I love PVP but I suck at it. I suck so hard at it. I love the chaos and the running around and the killing. I suck at the concepts of objectives and strategy (bad things to suck at re: pvp).

Ok so, I get in mid-battle and run over and grab the flag. Whee! My heart starts pounding - I’m almost borderline panicking because I’m running with this thing and I forget to look to see if our flag is on the move also. It was, aaaaand we had no offense. Oh right, and no defense. So I died, lost the flag. Tried a few more times but got killed quickly. BG over, horde won (duh). Ok, well that was bad but hey, I got the flag at least - I’ll queue up again quick and see what happens. So I get in and we’re in prep mode. So someone says “let the healer druid take it”… So I’m in my boomkin spec and I thought, you know - I keep dying in boomkin, at least in resto I can heal myself almost indefinitely. So I flip specs and put my pvp stuff on (lol, I have the crappiest pvp gear). I head over there and a priest takes the flag. Eh, I’ll heal him and maybe grab it the next time. So I’m following him around and healing him while the entire horde team focus fire on him. No one hit me. No one even noticed me. I was healing him for almost two minutes and no one even saw me. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA so I’m like, ok maybe I really have a chance now because if these guys aren’t smart enough to take out the healer healing the healer, well… c’mon maybe I’ll actually capture the flag! No, someone must have said over their chat “someone kill the freaking druid healing” because I grabbed the flag and the entire Ruin horde population (ok, just 10 of them) descended on me. I kept myself healed for about 45 seconds and managed to get back in our flag room and they killed me. So now I’m really going to do it, my heart is pumping, I’m swearing at my monitor, pounding my desk. I run over, grab the flag and throw a heal on myself and start running. I come out of the tunnel and throw a heal but… “you can’t do that while silenced”. Oy. They are on to me :p

Ah well, 2 WSG matches and no achievement yet - they aren’t supposed to be easy, right?  I’ll get it soon enough, just gotta try every day : )

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