Friday, June 19, 2009

Patch 3.2 first impressions of early patch notes

Regular stuff I’m excited about

All this stuff is taken off the MMO-Champion website

For starters: New druid art for cat and bear forms has been added. There are now five unique color schemes for each form and faction. Changing hair color (night elves) or skin tone (tauren) via the barbershop will change the look of one's cat and bear forms.  I love this, I originally laughed at the new cat forms like everyone else but glad to know that we can make changes as easily as visiting the barber shop.

Northrend Children's Week has arrived in Dalaran! Players can find out more by visiting the Eventide District. Cool, a little late tho, don’cha think?

Battleground experience has arrived!  Ok, this is exciting =)  I have always wanted to get better at pvp and honestly, the only way to do that is practice, practice, practice.  I’ve never had the opportunity while leveling because the twinks would destroy me (or would tell me to leave the BG because I was ruining it for them) so this gives me a new chance!  Keep an eye out for “Flynch” my newest alt/druid I’m going to use just for pvp!  (waits for loud groan from peanut gallery)

Behsten and Slahtz can reinstate… this makes me laugh.  Say it out loud, without the “and”.

All these changes and more are pretty exciting.  I haven’t had time to digest the druid changes just yet, though the change to innervate doesn’t seem bad for my play style.  I typically save it to the last possible minute to use; the change would probably mean that I use it more frequently to keep above 50% mana. 

Midsummer Festival

With the holiday event coming up on Sunday (technically, I think it starts Saturday night at midnight server like the Noblegarden did), I’m starting to think out my game plan.  I think I’ll try to fish some in Orgrimmar while I”m there.  Ideally, I’d like to finish it up as quick as possible so I don’t have to worry with not getting something or having problems in Dalaran with the torch thing.  I might stay up a bit later on Saturday night and try to knock out as much as I can.

On the Achievement front…

Well, I accidentally completed Vehicular Gnomeslaughter in Wintergrasp the other day.  I was having a blast using the cannon and must have killed 99 players because on my first kill when they broke through, I got the achievement.  I’m sure I killed some players during previous WG, but probably not many.  My current achievement in the “Get that Achievement” game is Capture the Flag, and after many tries and much frustration, I have requested a reassignment.  It’s so lame of me to ask for a different assignment but I just can’t get that one done right now, my patience is like *this* thin.

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