Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Recruit-a-woooo I got my mount!

<Insert shameless display of glee>

It’s here!  It’s here!  It’s here!  *squeal* ZHEVRA MOOOUUUNNNNNNNNTTT!

A few months ago (I totally typo’d that “Mounths” MoWoWScrnShot_060909_214540unt!), a friend of mine said “hey, my boyfriend wants to try that game you play, World of Something”.  Ahh so naive. 

I said “OHMYGODLEMMERECRUITHIM!” So I emailed myself the refer a friend link and then helped him over the phone get it all set up.  He started playing a warrior, which is level 50 something now, and he’s got a few other toons and he generally loves the game.  Cue the music from the movie where the high-school kid gives free heroin to middle-schoolers. 

So he recruits his girlfriend (my friend)! Hahahahah.  The only drawback, being the total selfish hog that I am, my mount delivery is delayed because he gets a free month.  So I had read about people not getting their mounts and honestly I figured, oh well, I won’t get the mount and had kind of forgotten about it.  So last night I logged into my Account page and it said “click the rewards tab to claim your mount”.  I screamed so loud, I scared 2 of my 3 cats.  So I clicked, and then chose which server, which toon, and then was bouncing in my chair while I logged back in the game to check my mail.  THERE IT WAS! I wish I had thought to save the cute letter, “packing list” that came with it, but I’m just not that with it sometimes.

So I get a random tell from someone “congratz” because, yes, you know it – I got an Achievement for it :)  Hahahhaa.  Friends in High Places, for those keeping score.  So he says to me “who’d you recruit?”.  Like, did he want his name?  His toon’s name?  So I just said, “my friend?”.  Duh.

So this is what blogging is like…

So I have a few ideas jotted down of topics I think I’d like to write about, but as of yet I haven’t touched them.  I’ve had a couple crappy things happen to me that sparked an in-depth post about my toons and what they mean to me and that sort of thing, but I have yet to actually post it because other things have pushed their way to the front of my brain/blog.  Ah well, we’ll see what comes out of my brain next :D


  1. Awesome! I have dished out more digital crack than alot of people.... but never actually gotten to give the player their first taste via a RAF code. Someday!! Yes, this is what blogging is like, you have all these well laid plans and then something comes along than you just want to talk about and it comes out :)

    Great work with the blog keep it up :)

  2. Welcome to the blogshpere! I hope you do more healing limb from limb than tearing limb from limb!

  3. With dual spec, I love tearing limb from limb, too :) Thanks for reading guys :)