Monday, June 8, 2009

Epic, the sleazy way

It was a busy weekend for achievements for me. My assignment in the aforementioned “Get that Achievement” Game was to complete the Empire of Zul’Drak. When I started, I was something like 40/100. Ugh. I started in on Saturday afternoon while my little one napped, and by the time he woke up I was about 50/100. I finished another 47 quests that night before bed, ending at 97/100 and having no clue where to start looking for the missing 3. I had already looked on wowhead for quests in ZD and also for “this item starts a quest” and I had done those 3 already. I have a not-so-great memory so looking at a list of quests that are available to me doesn’t really help because I don’t always remember if I had done it, or just read about it. So I woke up Sunday morning with a bit of dread about finding the 3 quests I needed and while in Dalaran, I saw the notice about Wintergrasp starting up soon. I hopped in a raid and joined the fun and completed a couple quests - OOooo! I now had enough to get a Black War Mammoth! Finally. I don’t instance much so I didn’t have a ton of the Stone Keeper Shards so this was a bit exciting for me.

Now - enough stalling. Time to finish my assignment. I tried a new technique - which is now my new favorite for finishing a zone of quests. I headed to Zul’Drak and looked at the map to see which hub I don’t recall doing much in. Well that didn’t help so I started in the upper left corner, Thrym’s End, found a random mob and then looked it up on wowhead to see if it was part of a quest. I didn’t remember killing these things before so maybe that was my missing part. Wowhead didn’t have it listed but I killed one anyway, and when I moved in to loot it I got close enough to see 2 exclamations on the east side of my mini map. I almost screamed out loud. Surely one of these 2 would have a follow up and that would be my missing 3. So I picked up the quests, headed to the Crusader Forward Camp and got my achievement! The quests seemed really fun and since I was already there, I decided to finish up the quest chains there. Wow, controlling that big guy Gymer was so fun! I was picking up mobs and throwing them around - RAWWWR! So fun! So I finished that quest and upon turning it in, I see this mob patrolling and I thought, well he looks different. Yup! A rare! Whee! That netted me Northern Exposure!

Took a run out to Sholazar to do the fishing daily and pick up another egg. Yeah, I forgot to pick up the egg - I hate it when I do that. I checked the Oracles daily - I’m only missing one for Savior of the Oracles. Since I can get the egg now, there’s no rush for me to hit Exalted right now so I just do Oracle dailies when I feel like it, and on the off chance I’ll get the Wind and Water quest. So I go and check and sure enough, the daily is the one I’m missing : ) Happy girl! The quest was fun, but I’m not sure I’d do it again without a really good reason. So on turn-in, I got the achievement and that’s about the time I forgot to get my egg.

I hopped over and checked my bank alt to see how my auctions were going. I had picked up a ton of greens, some blues, and frostweave cloth when I was questing (not to mention about 1200g just from quest money). Quite a bit of it was selling already so I figured I’d pick up a pet or something reasonable from the Auction House as a reward for me since I had knocked out the achievement assignment quicker than I thought. I had been doing some pvp and since I’m still trying to figure out the Equipment Manager, I was messing with that and getting my boomkin and resto sets saved. I moved my trinket from 10 man Ulduar from one slot to the other and got the Epic Achievement. How cheap. I feel so dirty, I didn’t do anything to earn it because I only have 1 trinket ilevel 213 or higher. To kinda cleanse me of this, I headed to Ironforge to check out the pets on the Auction House. I picked up the brown rabbit, which I was surprised I didn’t already have, and one other (I can’t remember which hehehe) and got the 50 pet achievement. I got my skunk from my mailbox and ended up logging for the night. 5 achievements plus 1 dirty achievement for one weekend was pretty damned good : )

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