Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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Ulduar10 fun

Last night was a nice mix of raiding, achievements, and old fashioned fun. I logged in to get a couple things done on the Midsummer Festival achievements so I headed over to Exodar, where I heard it was much easier to do the torch catching quests. I’m not a fan of Exodar, I get lost easily in Stormwind so Exodar is a confuzzled mess for me. And let me just say, I’m impressed with any Horde that are able to find the dang bonfire.

I finally find the fire and pick up the torch catching quest. I tried it a couple times and I am a complete moron sometimes. I would get the torch catching buff and then run back to the bonfire to light another one and toss it. Duh. It’s a chain of them. I must be the last person to find this out because everyone else, it seems, has finished the dang quest. So once I figure that out, well hell, it was so easy! I watched the shadows on the ground and the only time I had a problem was when someone else’s shadow crossed near mine and I lost which one was my torch. So about that time, I got an invite for a group from Belghast, thinking he was grouping me to help me find this stupid bonfire I was complaining about. Newwwwwp, it was raid time hehe. He held off converting it to a raid so me and our priest could finish the quests we were working on and then we were off to Ulduar. We had cleared to Auriaya the previous Wednesday and were ready to head for Hodir.

Freeze Frame! 

Our group makeup last night included 2 resto druids and a priest, and we were pretty heavy on ranged dps: 2 mages, a shadow priest and a hunter.  Throw in a tank, a dps warrior and a deathknight and we were off!  The entire night seemed like a total comedy of errors, when in reality we were all learning the pulls. At one point, we got snakes from the moun200px-J._Geils_Band_-_Freeze_Frameds of snow, a reverant and all his friends, and a Champion. Ahahhahahah good times. We were making some decent attempts at Hodir, learning the best strategy for our group and making tweaks along the way. Of course, someone piped up that whenever they saw the Flash Freeze warning, he thought of the J Geils song, “Freeze Frame”. So, that was stuck in all our heads after that : )  It was a fun fight, I am always in constant motion anyway when I’m healing so it wasn’t a big change for me to move to shake the Biting Cold debuff.  We switched around healing assignments to give our priest a little more time to dispel and that seemed to help a lot.  She could focus on the MT and dispelling while we druids raid healed.  I think we have a good handle on the fight now and the general mechanics, just need to put it all together and color it with win.

Winds of the North, consume you!

Unfortunately, it was actually a Storm in the South that consumed us.  We heard what you never want to hear from your priest on Vent: “guys my latency is in the red”. That, followed by broken Vent chatter from her, and finally a disconnect. Our Raid Leader got a text from her saying her power had gone out due to a storm so we hung around for 20 minutes or so seeing if her power came back up. No such luck so a few of us decided to head over and kill Ahune for the Midsummer Festival. Yay for getting the Frost Lord achievement!

Wrapping up the evening

During the raid, a couple of us were talking about the torch juggling achievement for the Festival and I was pretty worried about it. Even though I finally figured out the torch catching thing, I was pretty sure that I would screw up the juggling thing somehow. I also didn’t want to buy a ton of torches and waste the blossoms. One of the raid members said he’d put a good bunch of torches in the guild bank for everyone so I headed there and pulled out 10 or so. This gave me 15 to try the achievement with. I went to a quiet little corner so I wasn’t affected by any lag and tried it out. Of course, I had forgotten to turn on the achievement tracking so I was just standing there flipping torches and had no idea how many I was doing or anything. So I stopped spamming the mouse click and #1 on my bar long enough to put up the tracking. Yeah, I was moving way too slow to get the achievement hahahaha. So I started spamming faster and ended with 23/40. So I did it one more time, and spammed it as fast as I could and I got 40 with 6 seconds to spare :D Yay!!!!! Torch Juggler!!!! Flame Warden title, I will have you soon!

Achievement freak Ysinnia checking in

I got my reassignment on the forum game, Get that Achievement. I dumped Capture the Flag (thank god) and was reassigned “Argent Champion”. I’m already exalted with Argent Dawn so it shouldn’t be too hard to finish up my Argent Crusade rep. Also, while running around putting out the bonfires, I knocked off the last 3 pests I needed to kill and completed my Pest Control achievement.

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