Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Purple Haze

A week of craziness, and it’s only Wednesday!

“I just wish my wand would auto-shoot, instead of me having to push it
each time”.  That was from our mage before the first General pull on
Monday night.  That was the culmination of a bit of ribbing he’s been
taking from us, and it was very funny when we all said “it does
auto-shoot” at the same time.

I had to miss the start and a good chunk of the 10 man run on Monday
night due to some storms that were rolling into the area.  When those
petered out, they asked me to come in so the tree replacement they had
was starting to fall asleep.  It was a good time, we downed Mimiron
for a second time, and this time with considerably less failure.  We
made progress on General trash, and actually pulled the General a few
times.  We got some nice trash epic drops on the leadup to the boss.
We got cloth shoulders that both the mage and our holy priest rolled
on, and our priest won.  Then, 2 minutes later, we got the shoulders
again and the mage passed on them - thinking they were a helm… Dork! 
He was able to pick them up though, after everyone passed on them.
We also got a tanking neck epic a couple minutes after that.  Good

While I was waiting for the storms to start up Monday night, I leveled
my priesty some.  I’m making some progress there, she’s level 39 now.
My immediate goal is to hit 45 so that I can get dragged through BRD,
LBRS, and UBRS.  I’ll probably do 58-60 in Outlands and hopefully have
enough green, blue, and purple gear to get me through our Retro
Raiding of old content.  A guild name was decided on, Years Behind,
with a very appropriate Hogger mascot.  Allegedly, we’re going to even
have forums - for now we are monopolizing the Argent Dawn WoW forums.
Tonight is the first night of our next 10 man lock out period.  I
can’t wait, seriously, for the Raid ID lockout extension feature of
the upcoming patch.  We would have totally extended it to give us time
to work on the General tonight.  Soon, very soon.  There was also some
talk about when the patch hits and we do extend our lockout that we
will do 3 nights (Wed, Mon, Wed) of Ulduar and the last night (Mon)
would be breaking into the new raid dungeons.  It seems hard for me to
believe that we are ready for more raid dungeons but I guess it’s been
3 months or so since Ulduar was introduced.

I’m really trying to focus on my healing rotation, and seeing where I
can tweak things.  I currently do not have a tier set bonus so I’m
trying to keep an eye on my lifebloom usage.  So many times it ends up
being completely an overheal.  I’m also considering trying out a
Healing Touch spec, because I can’t believe that I have this totally
worthless spell that Blizzard has given us.  Naïve, eh?  I’m also
toying around with the idea of trying out Vuhdo, the UI that is
sweeping the nation.

The funny bit from our mage that I mentioned at the top made me think
of some other major changes that WoW has gone through.  From having to click a new destination at each flight master, to the time when the boats freaked out and kept dropping people through the world – and they were replaced temporarily by “boat masters”.  When the boats came back, everyone missed the instant portals of the boat masters hehe.  Running through Stranglethorn Vale and getting dismounted at each bridge, and when you had to be in a capital city if you wanted to troll the LFG channel.  It wasn’t global, and it was before the LFG system.  Ahhh the good old days haha :)

* Lil Edit: that’s what I get for posting from a different computer.  Also, I was in a pain-med haze when I finished typing up the post so apologies for rambling :D


  1. It took me an embarrassing amount of time to release my wand would auto-shoot.


  2. I only knew it did because I remember my husband bitching about it constantly, having to click it each time. And then a patch came in that had "auto shooting for wands!" and he rejoiced. At the time I was a rogue who could care less about little wands.

    Also, you should roll/transfer a toon for our Retro Raid guild - it's going to be sooo fun! :)