Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random Achievements


Friday night (I think?  This weekend was hard to keep track of) a handful or so of us went to Blackwing Lair.  We fooled around in UBRS and got a few people the Jenkins Achievement while our priest solo’d the instance portal boss.  His crippling “additional servers” attack was no match for her and soon we were all standing in Razorgore’s entrance wondering what in the hell we do.  Most of us had been there before, but on other toons.  Do we kite them?  Who’s killing mages?  Can’t we just tank him?  So, it was a laughable kill and we did it so fast that we got the glitch where more dragonkin spawned after the fact and we all had to zone out.  Of course, I zoned back in and then was distracted by my husband reading me something from Fark and I didn’t realize I was getting pummeled by like 20 dragons.  Oops.  Somewhere in there, I got Mind on My Money – yay!  I would have thought I would have already had this, but I guess I really don’t instance that much and really the only money that I loot comes from trash and bosses that Duranub bumps into.

So we rolled through that content and Yay!  I got my Blackwing Lair achievement.  I totally feel that I should have gotten an achievement for actually getting a new Onyxia Scale Cloak.  I have one on my hunter and my priest, but never had gotten one for Sinny. 

This other achievement, I’ll Take You All On has me a little confused.  Two of the three criteria are to participate in killing a couple of the bigger mobs in the gauntlet side.  It apparently doesn’t have to be all during the same fight because I was on the gauntlet side on Wednesday night and in the Arena side on Monday night.  Either way, WOOT. 

On Saturday, I was looking through my quest log in an attempt to clear some other stuff out so I could take on more Dustwallow Marsh quests and had one for Karazhan.  In reality, it was for Setthek Halls as I need some book from there.  I haven’t gotten to that step on my druid mount quest so we couldn’t summon the extra guy for the mount but Belghast and I duo’d the instance.  It was a success overall, except when I got a little excited with Typhoon and pulled another group, including a controller.  Bel proceeded to kill me pretty quickly and I had to run back.  Got my regular and heroic Achievements for the instance. 

So I sit at 4870 Achievement points now.  I’m enjoying the game more than ever and getting to see some amazing content with a great group of people. 

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