Friday, July 17, 2009

Ahhh the weekend!


This is the last day of the strangest work week of my life.  I actually had to look up the Spanish translation (for our cleaning crew) for “please shampoo the carpets due to a biological accident”.  Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m looking forward to seeing the HP movie.  I’ve spent hardly anytime in game this week, but managed to thoroughly enjoy our 10 man Uld raid nights. 

Things that kept me sane this week

  • I discovered this sissy robe blog and have found myself sitting at work, reading the blog, and laughing my ass off.  Out loud.  Looking like a moron at my desk.  :) 
  • One of the People-Everyone-Knows on the server posted a diddy on the realm forums about doing some Retro raiding, but doing it with level 60 toons locked (ala patch 3.2) at that level.  Very exciting!  I’m dusting off my old rogue, who hasn’t moved since a few runs in Molten Core.  I’m embarrassed to show her Armory as she is in half RP crap, half Nightslayer gear – and wielding a Finkle’s Skinner blade… Oh the shame!  But I’m looking forward to Old School content again!
  • I’m only 2 Cooking Awards from my Chef Hat :)

Stuff to look forward to…

On Saturday night, one of my friends is coming over and we are “geeking out” all night and playing WoW.  This is a “present” from my husband in that if my little boy wakes up or cries during the evening, I don’t have to stop what I’m doing to take care of him.  I’m so excited, she’s leveling a hunter (among others) but I think she’s around level 50ish now.  Time to get a BRD group together and get me my achievement.. I mean, get her some gear!  That just leaves Blackfathom Deeps as my remaining old world dungeon to complete and maybe I’ll have the motivation then to complete it.  Assuming the instance server cooperates, maybe I can get both on Saturday night! :)

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  1. lol awesome! Have a great time on your geek night! And up the sissy robe blog! I literally guffaw reading that blog. good good stuff =)