Tuesday, August 4, 2009

OMG Kill it!

WoWScrnShot_072709_222351a Honey! Hurry, and bring a shoe or something.  I’m pretty sure this is the biggest bug I’ve ever seen!  

Ok, that’s the kinda shit that I find hilarious at 4am when I’m awake for no reason. 

Sifting through my wow screenshot folder is always a treat.  I never know what I’ve snapped pictures of along the way.  Here’s one of my baby priesty (who is 46 now wewt!)  

WoWScrnShot_080209_064819She looks like the cutting room floor of a Pixar studios, if animation studios actually had a cutting room floor.  Honestly.  The purple is my doing, I added it because at the time, it looked good with what I was wearing.  But really?  A yellow and aqua ankle length skirt?



It’s official, 3.2

I have really mixed emotions about this patch hitting today.  I’m looking forward to a few things in the patch, and honestly I think I’ll re-read the patch notes and maybe get re-excited about it.  Mostly, I’m kinda wishing it dropped next Tuesday instead of this.  We have the Retro Raid up and almost rarin’ to go, except I have to get another 14 levels on my priest.  And some people just rolled their toons, so you figure they are probably not going to be ready for 2 weeks-ish.  And then you have some people that are at 60, waiting for the rest of us.  It just puts extra pressure on top of the pressure that I have already put on myself to get my priest to 60.  This will be my first attempt at actually having “an active alt”.  I have never been able to sustain more than one character at a time.  I can’t split my loyalties between them, so I end up favoring one.  We’ll see how it goes. 

A whole lotta nothin’, oh except Yay achievements!

We hit up Ulduar10 last night, after rolling a giant goose egg last Wednesday.  That was the night Argent Dawn took a major crap on our raid schedule, as we were attempting our first hardmode Flame Leviathan.  We failed at getting Dwarfageddon, which we failed at again last night, and the server crashed during combat with FL.  So, last night we tried the hardmode again and I gotta say, I didn’t really tell a difference, other than we were pulling pyrite like freaking crazy.  We succeeded and everyone was awarded 2 Emblems of Conquest.  Yay!  Typical ho hum gear, no healing leather stuff that I needed (just the chest that I have, and have since upgraded).  We got the Orbital Bombardment achievement, and then moved to XT.  We tried doing the Achievement there, but when we didn’t kill the heart on the first pass, we lost the chance.  We did, however, get the speed kill on him, which was exciting to see that popup. 

Kologarn was per usual, and we moved on to Auriaya.  During the fight, our Resto Shammy says “man, we have such a great group, we just never wipe on anything, this is so great”.



So, we did one shot Auriaya, and after wiping on trash to Freya, and wiping to Freya, and wiping 4 or so times to the trash after Freya…



Who jinxes a group like that?  The trash after Freya was a miscalculation on our part, actually because we had never attempted Thorim on the same night as a Freya kill and we were separating the trash too much.  As our hunter exclaimed on vent “OH GAWD THEY ARE HAVING SEPARATION ANXIETY”.  I almost fell out of my chair laughing.  We managed to get to Thorim, finally, and split off into groups.  We decided while buffing and eating a fish feast that since our attention spans seemed to be waning, it’s best if we don’t go for an achievement or hardmode on this encounter.  Except, yeah, we did.  Accidentally.  I got the achievement (so everyone else must have gotten it last Monday when I was gone) for Siffed – even though we didn’t actually finish combat, or win for that matter.

I got an achievement because we accidentally pulled too soon.  I feel so cheap.

So, that’s it.  We now move to where we can extend our raid ID and hopefully get some better attempts at the General and beyond.  I hope the patch goes smoothly *crosses fingers*

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