Monday, July 13, 2009

Loremaster Quest, Officially Underway


Eastern Kingdom

Well, Friday night I found myself with some extra playtime so I thought I’d go ahead and dig into questing in Ye Olde Worlde.  I started in the Dwarf area, making sure I had completed quests in Kharanos, the lil camp over by Gnomeregan, the Quarry that is on the way to Loch Modan, and then checked both Gates.  I had missed a quest in the quarry, and a couple in the North Gate area.  I finished those up and moved into Loch Modan and Thelsamar.  I knew I had a quest in Thels that would take me to the Badlands but I was hoping to stick to a natural progression, as if I were leveling again.  Yeah, that didn’t happen… SHINY EXCLAMATION POINT OMG.  So, I knocked off a few quests in the Badlands that I had not done yet and moved to the Wetlands. 

Nothing missed in the Wetlands, which surprised me because I hate hate hate the Selma’s Ooze bag quest because I can never get those rat bastards to drop it for me.  I guess it had at some point, because she had no quest for me.  Then I got to Thandol Span.  I was a bit excited because there were 2 quests that I knew I hadn’t done and had never done on ANY of my toons (grumbles something about alts…).  The quest from the dwarf on the broken part of the bridge and the waterlogged letter.  Well, I missed the jump to the dwarf and was so busy cursing myself that I forgot to look for the letter.  Sigh.

So, Aquatic Form GO!  I swam to Faldir’s Cove and went allll the way back to the bridge.  Yay!  I made the jump, got the quest… and oh, right.  The letter.  So, I dove into the water, found it after a few minutes of searching (ok a few minutes of searching and alt tabbing out to check wowhead for the coordinates).  Got it and then… yes, swam back to Faldir’s Cove… Ugh.  I had a ton of quests that I had not done in Southshore, like 5.  5 = a ton. 

I had started the evening at 573/700 EK and finished at 600/700.  Whee!  Saturday afternoon I knocked off a couple quests from either Ironforge or Stormwind, I forget.  I have a toddler so I’m lucky that I can remember to turn any of these quests in… Somehow I ended up at 604/700.


I had zero intention of doing any questing in Kalimdor until I was much further along in EK.  One of the quests that I picked up in either Stormwind or Ironforge sent me to Theramore.  Hmm a few exclamation points.  I’ll just do these real quick.  I don’t remember Theramore being a hot bed of activity. 

When the hell did Theramore become the hot bed of activity?!

Honestly, I haven’t ever EVER gotten so lost in the story and lore of questlines like I did in Theramore/Dustwallow Marsh.  I was practically racing to the next quest to find out what happened next.  I was joyously trampling along through the swampy areas, over hills, bumping into things here and there.  So many quests!  My Sunday was lost to questing in Theramore/Dustwallow.  I started the weekend at 423/700… I am now sitting at 485!!!!!!!!!!!  What in the world!  I still have a few that I need to do there, but I was starting to get a little sore just sitting at the computer (so I open my blog to you know, sit at my computer).  I’m amazed… totally.  Who would have thunk it!?  Theramore!  And actually, I am really tempted to level my next closest alt to the zone just to do them again! 

This is not like me, ask anyone who knows me.  I don’t read quest text, I barely even know where I’m going when I quest because I don’t read it.  I had a blast! 

I guess there’s a point to Loremaster anyway….


  1. I've always managed to miss Dustwallow in the course of levelling - except the one time I got stranded there with my *fire* mage and had to rescued by a passing Tauren because everything was fire-resistant and I was but a small elf *wrings hands pitifully*.

    If it's as fun as you say, I might make a romping tourist trip back there to distract myself from everything I don't like about Northrend :)

  2. It really was a blast and I cannot stand questing hahahah :)

    I really like Northrend, it was the Outlands that I hated... ugh.

  3. You didn't like Outland?! Good heavens, why?

  4. Ugh, so many 'alien' type crap, I just couldn't stand it. I was also still enjoying the Classic content and I don't enjoy change :) That being said, when Wrath released I fell in love with the lush greens and frozen whites of Northrend. I still sometimes just fly around enjoying the view...