Monday, July 6, 2009



Honestly.  I’m SO tired of it.  The constant whining and complaining and bitching about EVERYTHING.  Specifically, holiday achievements.  It started with the Winterveil one, and waaaa I can’t pvp in my gnome costume because I shapeshift.  And let me just say that I tried doing the achievement and would end up losing my gnome costume within minutes – mainly cuz I suck that badly at PVP.  But did I bitch about how unfair it was?  No.  Then came the Valentine’s one.  OH MY GOD stop bitching about RNG with candy bags.  HONESTLY.  So everyone cries so much on the wow forums that Blizzard FREAKING GOES IN AND FIXES IT, after the fact. 

That was their downfall.  They bent to the QQ.  My almost-2 year old doesn’t want to take a nap sometimes. If I caved and said “oh ok, no nap for you”, he would know all he has to do is cry and he’d get out of anything he doesn’t want to do. 

So, Love’s Fool got their 6/8 fix for the bag candies.  Yes, I was lucky that I got all mine, but, you know.  LUCK.  I’m not always that lucky.  For the Valentine’s one, I woke up early and tried to find my way around the event and various quests.  I barely got a dress, I think I got the only one I pulled the whole event on the last day.

  • Brewfest… QQ … changes incoming.  Don’t even get me started.
  • Children’s Week: School of Hard Knocks – god, seriously.  I’m worse at PVP than anyone and I managed to get it.
  • Noblegardener.  Camp your own egg and STFU.  People get up and leave, or they are slow.  Camp it and eventually you’ll get it. 

It gives me a headache.  So I log in this morning and hit the forums, expecting to peruse the latest goings-on on the Argent Dawn forums (seriously, no drama today?), and the Achievements forums hoping to find something interesting to jump start my morning.  QQ The festival ended.  Really?  You couldn’t see this coming?  We have a freaking calendar.  Complaining because now they can’t finish their quest.  If you are that busy in real life, or can’t rearrange your schedule to fit in a few quests then Achievements and the Metas are just not for you.  That’s just it.  I’m sorry, they just aren’t for you.  GET OVER IT.  Find something else in game you enjoy because obviously, THIS IS NOT GIVING YOU ANY JOY.

Don’t forget the official Scorchling whine thread.  THE LOOT, ITS FREAKING RANDOM.  ALL OF IT.  Not everyone can get a special pet or mount.  I’M SORRY.  I didn’t get a scorchling.  Why?  Because I didn’t try and who knows if I would have even seen it drop, let alone win the roll.  I knew that I wouldn’t have the time to run that instance as often as I would need to give it a good go.  I’ll just have to enjoy seeing them when my friend’s pull them out in raids, or a stranger in Dalaran.  Maybe next year.  I got the little spirit of summer vanity pet with some of the flowers I collected.  Then I had 250 or so flowers leftover after getting the outfit and following achievement.  I sold back the shoulders, got the pet, and then was happy to find out they had reset the fires.  I went back to the towns I remember hitting before the reset and picked up more flowers.  I knew I wouldn’t have enough to get the dancing flames pet, so I bought the shoulders back (completionist, sue me) and then bought like 3 stacks of Smorcs.  Did I cry about not getting both pets?  No. 

Gawd, there are a lot of things I want in this game – if I cried about not getting everything then I wouldn’t have time to play the game.

/rant off

I feel better

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